Happy Birthday Mattias

To celebrate our co-worker Mattias’s birthday, which was last Sunday, we have released a new version of flattr.com.

Todays release features:

  • Enhanced privacy, including the option to  hide your things from listing on flattr.com.
  • Things will now show images and video directly on flattr.com where applicable.
  • Undiscovered things will now have their own stage (look in the right column) where they can shine.
  • Your public profile will actually be a profile with the ability to add an avatar through gravatar.com.
  • Added a second payment option, Moneybookers. They have loads of local payment options and low fees.
  • Users with an active account (with funds) can now invite 3 friends (Check your dashboard). Spread the love.

We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs that our loving users on the Flattr forum have reported.

Have fun and don’t forget to Flattr each other!

Ps: You can find Mattias on our forum as Bomelin, congratulate him if you see him. :)

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mattias

  1. Really awesome stuff! I have some ideas that I’ll be posting on the forum as well :)

    Good work guys!!! :)

  2. Awesome. I can finally insert some insert some money into the site :-)

    You have probably discussed this to death internally, but I really think that you might be able to solve the chicken-and-the-egg problem that many new things suffer from, by not requiring one to have money on their account for their links to works. It’s makes it a much easier case to convince someone that they should install a flattr button. It’s hard enough already :-)

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