9 thoughts on “We are at version 0.8!

  1. Congratulation! It starting to look really good.

    (But the bar at this page using frames, in 2010, really?)

  2. Congratulations! I just received my invite =)

    I don’t see a place to provide feedback, so I’ll say this here: I was confused by the phrase “monthly flattr fee” on the dashboard page, briefly believing that there was actually a monthly charge just for having an account. I get it now, but I think this should definitely be made clearer – perhaps you could just replace the word “fee” with “contribution”.

    Other than that, I really like what I see so far. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to seeing Flattr grow.

  3. Good point Leif, we will discuss it.

    You can leave feedback on flattr.com/support/contact too if you don’t want comment on teh blag :)

  4. Also: I think that when people click on a Flattr link, for now at least, you need a big graphic right there on the page saying “What Is Flattr?” and explains it.

    It’s not immediately obvious a, what Flattr is or b, what to do on the page (you have to hover over the ‘Flattr’ button to see the ‘click to Flattr’ text. Maybe an extra graphic, with an arrow saying ‘click here’ until you’re well known?

  5. Congratulations!
    The site looks splendid and the user guidance in the dashboard is very helpful!
    I’m wondering whether one day we will end up with buttons such as ‘AddToAny’ for social bookmarking but they will be called let’s say ‘SpendToAny’ for social spending with Flattr, Kachingle, Paymecredit or Rewrd.com. There seems to be a whole series of these services coming up…

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