We like orange and green

So we figured out that we like orange and green, as we have an orange coat hanger and a green fatboy at the office. This might reflect on some things to come but we say no more right now.

We are trying to speed things as much as we can but it seams that for every ticket we solve we get three new. That’s probably more of a mental thing than true though.

Here are some invites btw:

Update: all used, come back later

7 thoughts on “We like orange and green

  1. “Update: all used, come back later”

    I have waited forever now… And its even a new day. :-(

  2. I was not fast enough either :-( And I too hoped with the new day there would be a few more!

  3. Dang it! I missed my own personal invite. Now it’s hanging there, still taunting me that somebody else used it.

    Thanks for that, whoever you are!

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