Updated WordPress plugin

The Flattr WordPress plugin has been updated to version 0.2 with some minor bugs fixed, check out the source at http://github.com/flattr/flattr-plugin-wp or read more on how to use it at http://flattr.com/howtouse.

For those of you already using 0.1 and who would like to update, you’ll need to replace the current <?php FlattrPerma() ?> code with <?php the_flattr_permalink() ?> However, updating to 0.2 before changing won’t break your blog, the Flattr button just won’t show.

We have a lot ideas on how to make the plugin even easier to use in the future and we’d love to hear your thoughs too! What would make the ultimate Flattr WordPress plugin?

12 thoughts on “Updated WordPress plugin

  1. Hi,

    hopefully WP won’t be the only way to use flattr?!?

    My blog is running on Habari i.e., so pls. make the flattr api as open as possible, so that everybody can make a plugin for his own blog engine.

    By the way:

    Think about implementing some kind of maximum value someone wants to donate for a single artist, writer etc..

    I.e. if I have 20 Euros a month to spend, but didn’t find blogs, texts or music worth a donation except one, then it would be a good option to limit this donation to a maximum value defined by the user. This could increase the users acceptance because he would have little more control over his donations.

    Impatiently awaiting the flattr open beta…
    If you are in need for another tester, feel free to contact me. ;-)

    Kind regards from Germany

  2. The WP plugin sure is a great thing! But I can’t use it before i get the invite code. ;-)

    So I still hope to be part of the flattr community soon!

  3. I’ll reiterate what I wrote in my blog post:

    – A function that let’s me choose, per post/page, what kind of content I’m publishing (text, images, video, audio, software, rest).
    – Flattr-ID per user. This way you could use it on a site with several writers.

    And more:
    – Widget for flattring the whole site
    – Ability to set whether you want the_excerpt to be used or the_content
    – Clean up for Flattr. This seems to be a problem with the API rather than the plugin, but some characters seems to break the API calls.

  4. We will try to make Plugins/APIs for everything we can do. The rest will others be able to do from the standard APIs

  5. I’m setting up my blog under TextPattern. It seems to be a pretty zippy system. Hopefully it won’t be a huge ordeal getting WP-Flattr on to it :)

  6. Great plugin, super easy to setup. There is one issue. The javascript the loads the Flattr piece is inline in the html instead of at bottom. So for example on my blog home page I have 8 articles each has a flattr attached to it. This is slowing down the performance of my whole homepage.

    What would be better is if the php inserted a placeholder into the page and deferred loading and executing the Javascript for Flattr until the end of the page. This way the page can load very quickly and users will still get to use Flattr. Plus as your server become more heavily used this will slow down every person’s site that has Flattr on it. Slowing down the internet is not cool. :)

    Is this something that is being looked at?

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