The ticket queue is full of 2dos!

So the work has started! The queue of to do tickets has grown long all day and it’s really fun to see all the things we will do in the time to come. Right now are we mostly outlining what needs to be done and assigning tasks.

The office is sweet and we love it! Great things will come from here, we can feel it. Check it out:

2 thoughts on “The ticket queue is full of 2dos!

  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to say this is a wonderfully innovative project. One suggestion to make. Why don’t you make this open source and federated? It seems to fit with the ethos that you are trying to promote a lot better than a closed source web app.

    Just wondering out loud.

    Cool stuff,

    Sam Pattuzzi

  2. I think this is a great idea. As a fulltime classical composer, i’ve been battling to try and figure out some sort of donations system if people like my music, listening on my hopefully soon to be constructed website. (Paypal doesn’t work everywhere, and is a pain to manage.)
    I use all opensource software, so this may also be a neat way to funnel some funds into the devs of the apps i use, as a proportion of any funds i might get. Better still i guess, i could ask them to get flattrd, and be rewarded directly.

    So i’m watching this with a great deal of interest.

    A question for the devs. Will the payments out to flattr recipients work across the globe, and to bank accounts anywhere?

    I wish the team much success. Smartest idea for direct creative reward from listener to composer i’ve seen yet.


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