First money calculation today

Later today we will do the first money calculation in the system.

It will divide up all the small sums and hand them over to the respective receivers. We found a bug tonight about the automatic money retreiving system, so still being in beta is good – not too many faults to fix, and it means we know more about the systems flaws now.

Tonight will be interesting. If the system works flawlessly we’ll celebrate with sending out some more beta invites :-)

18 thoughts on “First money calculation today

  1. I have high hopes for this service still, but information seems sparse. Still waiting for a beta invite. More news more often!

  2. I’m with everyone above. This project’s success or failure isn’t just based technical prowess (though a thorough beta is obviously extremely important), but also on the amount of buzz it can generate and maintain. Which means, we need info.

    More info will keep the rumor mill churning, and the excitement up. After all, if flattr comes out of beta and only a handful of people care, it runs the risk of just fizzleing out.

    Even if you’re hella busy, hire a blogger to run daily updates, who’s close to the action. It’ll pay off.

  3. Hi – congrats on the great beta. I noticed that techmeme has a new aggregator called mediagaze. This gave me a thought about your beta. People might want to contribute cash more to flattr and content providers add widgets if all could see who is getting more rewards (or other ways that the system can track what is valuable). This could lead Flattr to be an interesting and new type of aggregator. Just a thought.

  4. + lv/Artie. Why are you not blogging more? :(

    This is a great initiative – it deserves more love! Grab a word-flooding pal in your neighbourhood and let him/her document what is happening!

  5. The sooner they send out invites the sooner word about the service will get out.

    Hopefully we hear about an update soon; 10 days since the last update. Perhaps the test didn’t go well? :(

  6. make flattr faster you lazy bums i wanna flattr now immediately asap plox gogogogogo

  7. I guess the system did not work flawlessly? Hopefully more invites will be sending out soon. Can’t wait to spread the word.

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