Beta beta beta beta

Ok, so the first beta is released and the reactions has been super!

We’ve found a lot of bugs, and we’re working on them. What we would really need is a javascript expert. That’s where most of the problems are actually!

The Flattr crew is going to work all weekend on fixing problems! We’re not going to add new features before release (as it seems right now), but just make sure that everything works great! Thanks for your time :D

3 thoughts on “Beta beta beta beta

  1. Most of the bugs with the “!” in the button (as the one below here) is due to new lines or carriage returns, or HTML, in the description field of the javascript. We’re trying to fix that serverside right now.

  2. What i’d really like to flattr is the comment, allthough I guess it would go to the same source. (But! That’s should be in the to do list for the wp plugin. Comment flattr:ing that is. :)

  3. I WANT TO HELP YOU GUYS OUT WITH THIS IDEA… This is going to be huge.

    For a long time I have tried to explain to people that in the future there won’t be money as such, just credit or kudos points which you earn from your job and then pass out to people in grattitude for their services or content you use online. I totally get what you have done here so I am offering my design services to you and the team, if required.

    One thing I would instantly try to do is get the ISP’s involved, have this as part of the internet connection contract someone purchases on a monthly basis. The hardest bit will be geting users to sign up to a monthly payment scheme. By involving the ISP, you could have this service included in their payment scheme for internet connection. That is what I was thinking for my idea… That way the ISP pays you for keeping this operational, they are seen to be combatting piracy and getting involved in a new way of monetising the internet and the creators of rich media content on the internet get paid.

    You have to get me involved, I got so many ideas that will blow you away, not just based on this but beta sites I am preparing which will revolutionise the way we get involved in other areas of everyday life.

    Great job so far, feel free to contact me.

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